Mission & Motto


Within an exponentially changing world, Wyoming Seminary dares to teach our students to honor and strive for the true, the beautiful, and the good.


It is unquestionably true, beautiful, and good that the world is made up of diverse people. Wyoming Seminary strives to build a learning environment that reflects the multitude of cultures, religions, languages, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives of our world. To that end, our school seeks to encourage the application of students and the hiring of faculty, staff, and administrators who represent diversity. Sustaining and nurturing such a community is an ongoing process, and we will continue to foster the respect, empathy, and curiosity that allow it to flourish.


Wyoming Seminary’s school motto, "Verum, Pulchrum, Bonum" not only served as the guiding spirit of Wyoming Seminary in 1844, but remains the words by which we live today.

Sem graduate Howard Gardner ’61 embraced this motto, as was evidenced in an interview where he defined “the lasting values summarized in the triad: truth, beauty, and goodness." Gardner stated, "When I talk about truth, I’m talking about science but also folk knowledge; when I talk about beauty, I’m talking about the arts, but it could be nature as well; when I’m talking about goodness and evil, I’m talking about morality.”

The values expressed in Sem’s motto distinguish us. They express the Sem difference: we dare to teach students the truth that character matters; we emphasize the importance of friendships with others who look and think differently; we instill goodness. We stand for something, and we are proud of it.