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Jennifer Dice
Co-Director of College Counseling
(570) 270-2108

Jenna Mercatili
Co-Director of College Counseling
(570) 270-2126
Catie Kersey
Associate Director of College Counseling
(570) 270-2107
Anne Lew
Associate Director of College Counseling
(570) 270-2125
Markeata Sanchez
Associate Director of College Counseling
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College Counseling at Wyoming Seminary guides students on individual journeys of self-knowledge to identify and gain acceptance to appropriate colleges or universities where they can continue to learn and to grow into their best selves.

At Sem, we strive to create and implement a process that encourages self-exploration and self-advocacy which facilitates the completion of strong applications representing students’ accomplishments, talents, and potential. Our goal is for students to gain admission to colleges which match their interests and needs, where they can flourish as students and as individuals.

The Sem College Counseling team strives to make the process of applying to college a meaningful educational experience without undue stress. Our process features:

• Individual meetings between students and their college counselors beginning in the sophomore year to develop plans for the students’ lives after Sem, building relationships of confidence and trust. Counselors guard the privacy of the students and honor their aspirations for their futures.

• Effective communication with the students’ circles of support: parents, deans, advisors, teachers to help them understand the college process, best practices and the college admission climate. Counselors continue to gain knowledge about a broad range of institutions.

• College placements focused on matches to a broad range of colleges and universities. The counselors are informed about characteristics, requirements and strengths of hundreds of colleges through visits and personal contact with college admission offices. The breadth of Sem’s list of college acceptances testifies to the extensive options to which students are exposed and the diversity of Sem’s student body.

We welcome you to contact us anytime to arrange a meeting or to answer your questions. Additionally, for news, college visit dates and deadlines:

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